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Star Frontiers
Requirements: None (stand-alone figure)
Textures: Fully textured (PoserSurface, PBR-like)
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Last Updated: 28 May 2019
File Type: Figure, Hair, Clothing, Prop, Poses
110 polygons
110 vertices
91 groups
23 materials

Yazirians are a space-faring sentient mammalian species which inhabits the worlds of the Frontier Sector. They are one of the four basic "PC Races" introduced in the Star Frontiers role-playing game.

Yazirians are tall, light-boned humanoids with furry manes around their necks. The other three Core Races have nicknamed them "monkeys" because they look like chimpanzees. Thin membranes that stretch between their arms, torso, and legs allow Yazirians to glide short distances. They are generally the smartest of the four Core Races, but are also the most warlike. ("Monkeys" are still laid-back and timid compared to Sathar, however.) Despite being pushy and aggressive, Yazirians are neither as quick as Vrusk nor as strong as Dralasites. Their eyes are very sensitive to light, so they must wear dark goggles during the day.

This figure includes several poses. Sometimes it's hard to select the Collars and Shoulders due to the weird geometry. Try selecting near the actual centre (in the wing membrane), or use the selector menu. Bodyhandles are provided for more control over the wing membranes, as well.

These creatures have reappeared in other TSR products, first as Shadowpeople in Dragonlance, then as Hadozee in Spelljammer, and then reappearing as Yazirians in d20 Modern: Future.

They are very similar to High Martians from Space 1889. A character using this figure is planned for those.