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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Requirements: Michael 3 from DAZ
Textures: As needed and procedural materials
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Last Updated: 05 May 2014
File Type: Clothing, Props
94,152 polygons
96,620 vertices
57 groups
74 materials

A paladin character is a fighter sub-class, but unlike normal fighters, all paladins must begin as lawful good in alignment (q.v.) and always remain lawful good or absolutely lose all of the special powers which are given to them. They have both fighting abilities and limited spell powers (at high level).

Law and good deeds are the meat and drink of paladins. If they ever knowingly perform an act which is chaotic in nature, they must seek a high level cleric of lawful good alignment, confess their sin, and do penance as prescribed by the cleric. If a paladin should ever knowingly and willingly perform an evil act, he or she loses the status of paladinhood immediately and irrevocably All benefits are then lost, and no deed or magic can restore the character to paladinhood; he or he is everafter a fighter.

This is a "costume" for Michael 3, consisting of assorted pieces of armour making up the whole suit, a heater shield to hold the wrong way (as demonstrated by David C. Sutherland III in the infamous "A Paladin in Hell" drawing—you're really not supposed to hold it like that; it should go across the arm, not down it).