Full Plate Armour

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Requirements: 3D&D Klingon
Textures: Full textured
Filesize: 57.54 Mb
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2019
File Type: Clothing, Props, MAT Pose
Full Plate Armour

We just don't get enough knights. So here's one for the Klingon base figure.

Note that sometimes this won't conform right. If that happens, your pose is wrong. While it's true that you can move a lot more in full plate armour than is usually assumed, you still can't do yoga in it.

This includes a halberd and an arming sword with scabbard, too. Also there's a partial MAT pose (in Pose/3DnD instead of Materials, because MT6 files don't support partial MATs). It puts drawers on the Klingon, under everything, as a detailed texture.