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Star Frontiers
d20 Modern: Future (Star Law)
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Figure (Texture & Spec/Bump)
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27,656 polygons
27,654 vertices
42 groups
2 materials

Possibly related to Gleep, Gloop and Schmoo, the protean/ameoboid Dralasites inhabit the universes of Star Frontiers from TSR and, later, Star Law from Wizards of the Coast.

In all honesty, it's not entirely possible to build a really proper Dralasite in Poser, what with their ability to randomly extrude limbs and so on, versus Poser's ability to not let you even think about being able to do that. However, I've given it a shot anyway and made a figure that resembles the most common formation of these guys shown in illustrations: 3 legs, two arms, some fingers, a blobbish headdish part.

It may seem simple but it's not as easy as it looks. Enjoy!