Cerebus the Aardvark

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Cerebus the Aardvark Comics
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Cerebus the Aardvark

Allow me to preface this with a few words:

Cerebus is an asshole. He's an anti-hero at best, and usually just a plain villain. He's selfish, drunken, abusive, and generally presented as a total jerkass. Also he raped Astoria when he was pope. Astoria was an evil, abusive manipulator who effectively mentally raped the Cockroach and fucked over many lives, but there's no excuse for raping her. Killing her would have been the acceptable alternative.

Cerebus the Aardvark was a really good comic up through High Society. It wasn't as good, but was still good, through Church & State when the above villainous act was written.

Cerebus will, therefore, be found in your Characters > 3DnD > Villains folder. (The sword is in Props > 3DnD > Melee Weapons > Swords, and the hair is just in Hair > 3DnD)

Cerebus belongs in villains. And so he is.

(Note: the geometry is in a "heroes" folder because I haven't separated out a villains folder and just think of it as "identifiable main characters" — Darth Vader, Sauron, and even Hitler would all be sorted that way because the geometry folder arrangement isn't for opinion, just sorting).

That's Cerebus.

His creator is way more problematic. Dave Sim seems to be a completely insane asshole.

He's a total piece of shit. He's misogynistic, homophobic, terrified of Marxism in any form, convinced there's a secret matriarchy running the world, and he may or may not have groomed a 14 year old cosplayer at conventions at one point (though it doesn't appear he ever followed through with that if he did). Also uh... until a few years ago he didn't believe computers or the Internet were real things (he said he thought they were faked) and he might have (opinions vary) founded his own sect of Islam with exactly one adherent, himself.

Let's just hope the scumbag sticks with his vow of celibacy. Oh, yeah, he did that, too. (Can't call him an incel, though!)

I don't know how long he's been the way he is. I don't know if in his younger years he just hid it more (though in the 70s and 80s he didn't NEED to, because homophobia and misogyny were acceptable, but such things weren't as apparent in his writing then).

I do not recommend you give hm any money ever. Don't help him. If you want to read his comics, buy used copies of the "phone books" as the collections are called.

Let Dave Sim starve. Maybe he was a good person once. Maybe he's seriously mentally ill. Maybe he was always a piece of shit and as he got older he stopped hiding it. I don't know.

I do not endorse him nor his views and I do not want my 3D creation of the Cerebus character to be taken as such. It absolutely is not.

I am giving you full permission on my part to use this commercially. And here's where it gets interesting:

If you are using this to make comic books, Dave Sim gives that permission too. Perhaps a bit unwittingly, but he did. In Cerebus' Guide to Self-Publishing, Sim goes on a rant about copyrights (much of which I do agree with actually), but one of the things he states very clearly is this: He not only gives anyone permission to make and even sell their own Cerebus comics, he basically dares you to. It is his opinion that you can't possibly do it better than he can, so he states unequivocally that he isn't worries about it. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Look that up. It's seriously in there. It's carte blanche permission to the whole world to make Cerebus comics for profit.

I will in no way discourage this myself, either.

Have at it. Make better comics than he can. He allegedly has severe carpal tunnel or arthritis or something (not sure, but it's been reported on, and that's why his current stuff—garbage, all of it, by the way since he hit the magic Issue 300 in Cerebus and "finished"—is just his old art cut and pasted over public domain Dante's Inferno art.

Make Cerebus say things Dave Sim wouldn't want him to say. Make him learn things Dave Sim would oppose. Twist the knife. Sim deserves it.

Finally: Those dots were all drawn on by hand on that texture. Uh... apparently there's no way to procedurally generate an even halftone around a three-dimensional shape, currently.