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AD&D Monster Manual
Early 1970s plastic "dinosaur" toy, before that.
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Figure (Textures)
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Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
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45,359 polygons
45,644 vertices
45 groups
19 materials

The bulette (or landshark) was thought to be extinct, what with John Belushi dead for quite some time and all, until recently when this horror reappeared in the early 1970s as a plastic toy alongside rust monsters and some sort of armadillo-bunny in a cheap chinese package marked "Prehistoric Creatures" in the five and dime.

Of course, those early 1970s were also when D&D was just getting started, and the lack of Ral-Partha and so on, yet, meant Arneson and Gygax and company had to get miniatures where they could. packages of small plastic dinosaurs were pretty useful as dragons, and so... hey, will you look at that, what the hell is THAT thing? Better make up stats. Looks kinda like a... some kind of land-shark. Hm. Also kinda bullet shaped. I dunno. well, let's slay it.

The description given in the Monster Manual states that the bulette is coloured blue-brown. If any of you die and there actually ends up being an afterlife, do me a favour. Track down Gary Gygax and inform him that that's not a bloody colour.

Updated July 2019 for improved rigging and textures.