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Requirements: ImageMagick command line utilities
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Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019
File Type: Python Script

This is a little script that automagically sets up most materials, including determining if they were meant to be metallic or not.

There's a file called "automat.conf" that MUST be in the same folder as the Python .py file. This contains the path information for the ImageMagick "identify" and "convert" scripts (which are required for this to work). It defaults to a common Macintosh path of opt/local/bin/ for these both, and you should edit it if this is not the case (also be careful not to convert that file to DOS line endings or anything, as I am pretty sure that would break it, probably).

There are like five different ways to run a Python script in Poser or something. I like to use the Python Scripts window and then click an ellipsis button (or alt-click any other button to replace a script) and then load it. But it's all up to you, and that's not part of the exercise today. You do you.