Aslan (Traveller)

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Traveller RPG
Requirements: None (stand-alone figure)
Textures: Fully textured (PoserSurface, PBR-like)
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Last Updated: 26 May 2019
File Type: Figure, Clothing, Conforming Hair, Prop, Pose
96 polygons
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Aslan (Traveller)

The fteirle, called the aslan in Anglic after the first solomani to meet them decided they looked like lions, are a major race of warriors in the Traveller role-playing game, occupying a portion of charted space.

Aslan stand roughly human-sized, averaging 2.0 meters in height and weighing about 100 kg. They have a single highly specialised dewclaw under each thumb which folds back jackknife fashion into a horny covering in the base of the thumb and palm. There are two sexes, male and female. The most notable external difference is the increased size and mane of the former. Females outnumber males by 3:1 Aslan have a conventional carbon-water based biochemistry. They breathe a conventional atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide.